My first new real post

Just testing this blog out. I don’t really know if it is really indexed in Google or not. Absolutely, blogging is not easy at all. It takes a lot of effort as well as time to make it right.


The first thing to please when it comes to blogging is Google. With so much traffic that a website can get in Google, the publisher must and always be prepared to be part of Google search. Google remains the primary search engine for most of the people of the world.


To be indexed in Google is a great thing to happen. To be ranked in Google is another story.

Warriors vs Cavaliers Trilogy

The Golden State Warriors are reloaded with the addition of superstar Kevin Durant while the Cleveland Cavaliers remain to have LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love as the core of the team.

It is just fitting for all the basketball fans around the world to have both teams in the NBA Finals once again to settle one thing – which team is the best, after they are tied 1-1 in the past two years.

The hype is higher this time as the fans anticipate Durant to be matched up with James probably most of the time on the floor, that is if the Warriors want to defensively contain James.

Part of the success of the Warriors is the offensive juggernaut being implemented in the past three years. Surely, the Warriors have Durant who spreads the floor more for Stephen Curry to operate.

Game One of the NBA Finals 2017 will start on Thursday at 9:00 PM ET. The Warriors will host the first two games of the series before it will be shifted to Cleveland in Game 3 and 4.

Indeed, the trilogy of the Warriors vs the Cavaliers will highly in the minds of the fans. Which team will win?

Promote blog in Facebook effectively

Let others know your website or blog through Facebook? One of the tactics of bloggers these days is to get traffics from social networking sites especially Facebook. Without a question, Facebook rises as the most visited social website in the world. Millions of Facebook addicts are potential audience for your created blog.

In promoting your blog or website through Facebook, a blueprint must be in place. Some blogs have the maximum approach in marketing their blog through FB. However, many failed to deliver the necessary tactics that they are like in the wilderness wandering. Here are the steps in promoting your blog through Facebook.

1. Create a Page

Create a Facebook Page
Select what type of page :
Local Business or Place
Company, Organization or Institution
Brand or Product
Artist, Band or Public Figure
Cause or Community

Make the page attractive by adding a profile and cover pictures. Make sure that you add the url of your blog in the cover picture. This is one of the most important pieces of the page.
2. Invite your friends to like your page

In my experience, by inviting them through the auto invite doesn’t instigate your friends to like your page. Probably only 10 % of your friends will respond. The next thing you do is to ask them to like your page through private message. You got to PM them individually. They will act quickly once they read the message.

3. Published the link of your post in Facebook

Don’t just let the link to show. Facebook users want it with an image to grab their attention. Make your image attractive.

4. With the link and image, Tag some of your friends in the image

If you tag 50 of your friends, your link will be shown to their timelines, thus, exposing it to all their friends. If each of your friends have 500 friends, then many people will see your post.

5. Ask your friends to Share your post

You got to exert effort in promoting your blog. Message some of your friends to share your post and not only like it. This will reach more audience to see your blog.

6. Promote through sponsored post

You can promote your blog by paying to Facebook. However, I advise you to try only $5 for a trial. It”s worth trying this avenue of promoting your blog through Facebook.
Note: Luring your friends to read your article by going to your blog takes an effort. By taking these steps, you open your blog to your Facebook friends.